The title is from a picture quote:

I don’t want to sound arrogant, but this is what happens all the time when you’re “psychotic,” or what’s even called “extreme” states.

You think that other people actually are that interested in being human, and it’s baffling their responses, because even would you be off kilter a bit or more than a bit, you’d allow them the same space (you allow yourself to make yourself vulnerable) but no. You’d have to be “sane” in order to actually acquire the right to judge others as crazy, and that doesn’t allow for that much room to express what it is to be human. And it tries to replace being human with being allowed to judge others.

It’s really frustrating because the more you love being human, the less you want to believe they have such fear of it. I just doesn’t make sense.

It took me a long time to learn how to detach, but when you do, then you give them whatever space they need.

All of their senseless behavior.

But when you just let go of judging that as if it’s real, then it leaves them with nothing to hold onto. And the word forgive is also so incredibly contaminated, because getting away from the situation becomes that rather than even thinking you have to judge them, and especially yourself, as if you’re doing some service staying in the situation.

And a lot of it is shockingly short term. People like you, and think you’re cute, because you dare to make yourself that vulnerable as human, to shed your inhibitions, to be the same as children are. But after awhile, and it starts to rub against all of the compromises: the lack of indoctrination, this starts to rub against their dogma, limitations and fixated presumptions, then they all of a sudden lose interest in such an “extreme” expression of what it is to be human.

Thank God there are people, and quite a few actually (but also certainly not too many), that just get it.

It’s like the wave particle duality and entanglement in Quantum Physics. You effect what you see, and you’re not separate from it, even if there’s space or time in-between.

And then there’s the holographic Universe too.

What would be arrogant would be to act like one is required to accept such limitations, dogmas, inhibitions, fears and judge others who don’t. Accepting what it is to be human isn’t a loss, and it’s not a sign of insanity, or a psychotic condition. It’s not even really anything extreme; what’s extreme is to accept limitations.

It’s going to be “extreme” when people have to stop polluting the planet, and have to stop depleting resources in a manner which damages the planet; but only extreme for people who think it’s a loss to have to stop doing that, and for the ones who will try to play games to be part of the few who try to continue such trends…