I went to catch the bus around 10:30 PM. And there’s a mulberry tree down the street, on the way to the bus. It’s also like magic to me, because it’s one of those special places you might remember from childhood. I have a Winnie the Pooh book which has a map of the special places for Pooh, and it so reminded me of those special places we all somehow have when you’re a child. Somehow the world is more intimate, and we take in the immense beauty of the simplest things, and give them magic. We had a bunch of mulberry trees in what was either part of a parking lot for a church or a vacant lot; and that’s one of the good memories of childhood, to go there and pick mulberries. The feeling of the berries on your hands, and all of the plump juice, and the wild taste of them, God’s free gifts. So, to me the mulberry tree down the street is magic also, and there used to be one at the Peace Garden down town. Something the Catholic Church had allowed the people interested in having a community garden use; that’s until they sold it, probably because they needed money having to deal with paying off so many of the children who had been molested by their priests, or for other reasons they needed money. Anyhow, as I was going to catch the bus and about to pass by this tree, I noticed a mass, quite a large mass, moving from under the tree. It ended up being a whole deer, since I’m close enough to a bike path going along a creek that there are deer around. It went to the other side of the street, where I noticed there was another pair of ears and eyes, the same, looking at it. Motioning to each other, from inside the light of their freedom. Open wonder at the world. So careful. So happy. Then it hopped away towards it’s friend.. It was just such a wonderful energy, what first seemed like a nebulous cloud of energy underneath the tree, and then turned out to be a deer.