Once upon a time there was a boy (or a girl)
This child had a toy. The toy was real for the child for two reasons.
1) The child was innocent and believed
2) For the child the toy was what it was,
as part of creation; this meant that the child 
saw it as part of creation. Being that creation 
is creation and not destruction (because if
destruction was real there would be nothing
left over in the end) the child really knew 
what the toy was. 
    So the toy lived, something
many people would think is impossible. Most
people didn't believe the child but the child
didn't give up and grew older. One day a very jealous person stole the child's toy. This jealous person burned the child's toy and made a video tape of it and sent it to the child so that the child could see it. The jealous person was sure that the child would be very upset but the child wasn't because the child knew that the toy came from creation and not from destruction and thus it couldn't really be destroyed. Instead the child started to talk to the toy everyday and felt the toys presence by talking to it although it had been burned. The child was actually happy to know that the toy couldn't be destroyed rather than to be resentful and hate the person who had burned the toy.  The child also had a job where he worked with other people. The other people he worked with heard him talking to his toy. They asked him who he was talking to.  When he told them that he was talking to his toy they became very concerned because they thought that he was crazy. They went to a mental health facility and wrote a petition to have him committed to an asylum. They said that he was a danger to himself and other's because he was hearing voices and talking to them which was crazy. They thought this pointed out that his judgment was impaired. The child was picked up by men with guns called policemen and brought to an asylum. He was kept in this asylum until the court system had time to review his case to make a decision what they would do with him. He stayed in the asylum for a couple of weeks while all sorts of people watched his behavior and listened to him talk to his toy. They didn't ask him about his toy they just watched him, some of them even looked a bit scared because they thought that if someone told him that the toy wasn't real that he should believe that. When he came before the judge the judge first listened to his coworkers (who were at the trial as well to give testimony as to why he was crazy) and listened to them tell their stories about how they thought the child was crazy and talked to something they thought wasn't real. After the child's coworkers said what they thought  the judge turned to the child and asked him if this was true. The child said that it was, that he talked to his toy. The judge actually thought already that the child was crazy, but he had been taught that he had to ask questions so he asked the child. "Why do you talk to the toy?" The child explained how someone had stolen and burned his toy and sent him the video tape of it. The child also explained that when he talked to the toy he could still feel that the toy was alive and that it was still part of creation and he didn't feel that the toy was gone but he felt it was still with him. He explained that he had for one moment, when he saw the tape, felt angry and full of hatred toward the person who had burned his toy, but he also at the same moment didn't feel the presence of his toy anymore. But when he started talking to his toy, he felt it's presence again realizing that it was no good to hate because it took the very thing away from him that he was angry about. 
    Then a very unexpected thing happened: the judge suddenly bowed his head down and started crying. He cried for a couple of minutes. During this time he was remembering how he had been taught about forgiveness in his church, which was Christian, but he never really understood it. He also remembered how Jesus had asked his disciples to let the children come to him. This had happened once when the disciples were trying to prevent a group of children who were part of a crowd from seeing Jesus. The crowd was there to learn from Jesus and the disciples had thought that the children would be disruptive. Jesus had asked the disciples to let the children come to him and not to try to stop them. Jesus had told the crowd that they should be like children and that the Kingdom of heaven belonged to such children. The judge actually felt like he understood these things for the first time but there was something else he didn't understand so he simply asked the child.
    "Why did Jesus say to turn the other cheek?"
Fortunately the child knew what the judge was asking about because he had gone to church and heard the teachings of Jesus. The child didn't go to church that much anymore because he had really paid attention, being fascinated by the stories about Jesus. He had gone to church regularly but now instead he would go to a park and sit on a park bench and it made him feel the same way as being in church had. The child had really paid attention and didn't really need to keep going back to church because he had felt the story of Jesus, the real part of it.
   "Jesus said to turn the other cheek because that is how it looks to a lot of people. They think that to stop being scared you put yourself in danger. As soon as I hated the person who had burned my toy trying to make me think it was gone, I felt my toy was gone and it really was gone for me for that moment. It was gone for that moment because I couldn't feel what part of creation it was, my thoughts had become too destructive for me to be able to still have my toy. You can only have something through love, that's how you hold onto it, through love and not through hatred. " Now the child really had to think, which the child didn't do too often so the child still could really think for that moment. It had become difficult for the child to remember why he was talking about what he was talking about and it felt a little complicated but it didn't feel too complicated. The child paused for a moment, took a good breath and moved it's eyes around a bit and said "When I let go of my hatred I could still hold my toy with love and feel that it was still there and real, even though it had been burned: this is what Jesus means by turning the other cheek... I think. When you let go of hatred, for that moment you can hold something real and stop being so angry. When you think the only reality is being so angry that you stand ready to hit someone back you can't hold anything real because your thoughts are too destructive to hold it This is because you can't feel it anymore. With love you can feel it and hold it."
    The judge looked at the child and smiled, then he took a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped his tears away.
    "Jesus also said he who lives by the sword will die by the sword and now I understand that too."
     The judge didn't find the child was crazy and that was also the last day that the judge ever worked as a judge. The people where the child worked didn't really understand any of this and the child was fired. That would have been sad except that the judge had become a friend of the child (he didn't really need a job anymore because he had already earned a whole lot of money) and took the child to church. The ministers were amazed at how the child understood about Jesus and they kept the child there and let him eat their food and stay in their church building where they had some extra space for this. Sometimes the child would talk at church because they asked him to but he never talked very long, although everyone found him a wonder, so the other ministers would still do most of the talking.  The child even made the ministers start thinking for themselves because he sometimes just got tired of talking to them and would tell them he couldn't think anymore and go sit on a park bench or do something else to remember the feeling of how Jesus made him feel. The child also would draw or play on his guitar which he had done before they took him in at the church but he started doing something new. He called it "making pretend he was the wind or so..." he just sort of let himself think of, remember........ or sometimes his mind just  came upon it all by itself that he was part of nature like a tree or a flower and he would spend some time just letting himself be that. Sometimes he would move and dance, sometimes he would make noises or sing, sometimes he would seem to be doing nothing and sometimes he would be singing and dancing at the same time. A few times he even put on certain clothes to make himself look a bit like what he was imagining.
    Slowly more people got to know about this child's thoughts and what he said. Many Christians heard about it, also many Buddhists because they had always believed in nonviolence. The Muslims also heard about his teachings and liked them because the name of their religion meant peace. The Hindus also heard about him and liked the idea of his toy as did the Jews and every religion. People who weren't religious also liked his thoughts because everyone liked toys and there was art in what he said. Before not too long, so many people had heard about this child's thoughts that it was too difficult to count how many there were anymore. By this time the child had grown old, very old, he was more than one hundred years old! One day many people came to see the child and they had a big dinner. Everyone had eaten and the child was to talk to them. The child got up to talk to them, stood up on the podium, smiled and then just dropped down dead. At first people were just horrified at what had happened but slowly but surely people started doing something to make themselves still feel that the child was there and not dead. They did even more different things than the child had done when it was pretending it was a part of nature and all these things did let the people feel that the child was there because the child's thoughts were so simple and profound that they could reach that far to all the people, just like water.
    So many people learned and slowly the earth changed, people learned that only with love could they hold onto anything, otherwise it would change into something else and be beyond their reach. Only by letting go of their anger would they not lose it. People also stopped making things that would cause them to be angry, they even stopped making guns and other things  intended to kill or torture people. They even stopped hurting each other with things that were meant for something different than for hurting. They didn't throw rocks at each other for example. One of the things they did do with rocks is to hold onto one until they felt they could feel the story of the earth (since the rock was as old as the earth) and then they would sing a song about what they felt. This way they were part of the creation and part of why the earth was created. They could see this because they loved and that love allowed them to hold onto a rock for what it was and sing about creation.
       The End